Thanks for your interest in Sexy Ebony Book Club Reviews.  This is a free service provided by the members of this book club.  Once we have committed to review a book we ask at least 2 months for the finished product.  This includes time to ship the book to the reviewer, time for the reviewer to read and write the review and time for the review to be edited.  Our goal is quality not quantity.

Guidelines for Books Submitted by Publishers, Publicist, and Authors

If you would like add our review group to your list for books and promotions please contact Dee-Dee at for the shipping address.   Rewiew Any books sent will be used for review and/or prizes for various contest.  

If you are an self-published author/independent publisher and have a limited number books available for reviewers please follow the instructions below.  We understand your budget concerns and have developed this process with you in mind.


To have your book considered please send a book synopsis and little information on the author to with SE Review Request in the subject line.  This information will be given to our reviewers.  If one of our reviewers is interested in reviewing the book we will send you an email with information on where to send at least one copy of your book.  If we are unable to review your book we will let you know via email and ask you to resubmit your review request in a couple of months.

Only reviews rated at least a 3 on a scale of 1-5 will be posted either on the website or on Amazon.  Reviews rated less than a 3 will be sent to author (or to the person submitting the review request for their personal use).

We know this process is different from most review groups but this process avoids having more books than we can review and saves the cost for those authors watching their pennies and still trying to promote their book.  If you have any questions please send an email to

Thanks again and Happy Reading and Writing.


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