Members Rating System

Our members are asked to rate the books we are reading on a scale of 1 - 10.  The members votes are used to determine a group rating on both a 1-10 scale.  The group rating is the average of all the votes of those members that choose to participate in the voting process.

The Rating Scale

1 = I could not finish the book.

2 = I hated the book.

3 = Hate is too strong a word but I would not recommend this book.

4 = It was an ok read but I have definitely read better.

5 = Interesting book but I don't know if I would read another book by this author.

6 = Not too bad. I would try another book to see if it is better

7 = Good Book.

8 = Very Good Book.

9 = Loved this book would defintely recommend it.

10 = This book goes into the private collection.


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